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I normally do a “Currently …” post every other Wednesday, but honestly nothing has changed other than the book I’m reading at the moment. I finished and blogged about THE RAVEN KING and started NEVER LET ME GO. Right now, I’m only a few chapters in, and it’s slow but interesting. I think it’s one that will take time for me to find the rhythm – plus last night I was more exhausted than usual and fell into bed without reading.

I’ve been thinking about ways to give myself a incentive for productivity. I really want to start a planner with stickers for reaching goals. Ever since I was in elementary school, I’ve gotten really excited about planners and organization, but I don’t do well keeping up with them. It’s not easy for me to justify getting a planner, when I know I’ll eventually set it aside or lose it or whatever.

How do you guys reward yourself for productivity when you write?

Also, I’ve decided I don’t draft like most people. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read the first two-thirds of my WIP. I read and reread before I can even start writing. So as far as major issues, I’d say the first half of my WIP is pretty clean. It’s strange when I hear other writers talking about their first, second, tenth drafts. I don’t have a clue what stage mine is at. All I know is that I have one and a half scenes left to write, and the WIP will be complete. A thorough review, and then it’ll be off to my CPs and betas.

How many betas and CPs are normal for you writers?

Have a great day!


THE RAVEN KING – Review of a lost king

The Raven King (The Raven Cycle, #4)The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I love the Raven Boys series. Like seriously, I love all the characters, and the story had me completely engrossed through the first three books. I expected to be just as entranced in the final book. But this book is slooooow. The threads I expected to be woven together still remain hanging in tatters, and I feel like the author’s heart isn’t completely in this book as much as it has been in the other three.

This final installment of the Raven Boys books feels fragmented. Even at the end, the (spoilers)main characters are scattered. I wanted them to come together one last time, but there’s no farewell. Nothing to make me feel that they are my valiant band of magicians and kings. (end spoiler)

I wanted to love THE RAVEN KING. I wanted the feels that others have had, but I didn’t have a book hangover. I didn’t even shed a tear, and that hurt more than being wrecked by the series. Maybe I missed something. Maybe I skimmed because I got a slow start. I still love this series, but this wasn’t the send off I felt it deserved.

Raven King

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Currently … May 11

Loving …

I wrote my favorite line from “Ode on a Grecian Urn” + the word “BREATHE” on my arm today. It was meditative. It gives me peace to see it there. I’ve been stressed out. Holding my breath – literally. I don’t know why, but seeing the words on my arm feels like permission to breathe deeply.

Writing on arm


Reading …

Raven King

I’m still reading THE RAVEN KING. I’m not the fastest reader, especially when I’m stressed, but I’m more than halfway finished. I haven’t decided how I feel about it yet. I love the writing. I laugh out loud almost every time I sit down to read, but I’m not ready to give up Blue and her Raven Boys.


The Baby Bookworm has been requesting lots of reading material before bedtime lately. We go through a stack like this almost nightly.

Watching …

Not amused

Does this count? I’ve been hanging out with my favorite little man A LOT. This is his “I want to play by myself (with you, Mama)” face. He was tired of being social too.

We watch a lot of “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” and “Odd Squad.” Rather, he likes them playing in the background while he does other things.

Listening to …

Today, I’m trying NOT to listen to people in my office. I have my music on shuffle. Current song is “Lightning Crashes” by Live. It makes me feel like I’m 15 and watching MTV with my friends – lots of nostalgia and mixed feelings, but it’s one of those songs that ALWAYS pulls up memories when I hear it.

Thinking about …

Recently, someone said that I try to avoid responsibility. I’ve been contemplating this. I don’t want to be “IN CHARGE.” I am not CEO, sorority president, commander-in-chief material, but that doesn’t mean I avoid responsibility at all costs.

I’m responsible in my job. I’m responsible for my family. I’m responsible for attempting to see my dreams of being a writer play out. I’ll admit that anxiety and depression have caused me to avoid a lot of interaction with people. I withdrew from the Arts Commission. I don’t participate in the alumnae associations of my college or sorority. At times, I’ve had some issues staying on top of all the responsibilities I do have (ie. I forget to make a call or pay a bill here and there). I get extremely anxious about talking to people in certain situations. I don’t know how to help in other situations, so I sit back quietly and wait.

But that doesn’t mean I’m avoiding responsibility. I resent that remark. It upset me, and I can’t get it out of my head.