Writing rambles

I normally do a “Currently …” post every other Wednesday, but honestly nothing has changed other than the book I’m reading at the moment. I finished and blogged about THE RAVEN KING and started NEVER LET ME GO. Right now, I’m only a few chapters in, and it’s slow but interesting. I think it’s one that will take time for me to find the rhythm – plus last night I was more exhausted than usual and fell into bed without reading.

I’ve been thinking about ways to give myself a incentive for productivity. I really want to start a planner with stickers for reaching goals. Ever since I was in elementary school, I’ve gotten really excited about planners and organization, but I don’t do well keeping up with them. It’s not easy for me to justify getting a planner, when I know I’ll eventually set it aside or lose it or whatever.

How do you guys reward yourself for productivity when you write?

Also, I’ve decided I don’t draft like most people. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read the first two-thirds of my WIP. I read and reread before I can even start writing. So as far as major issues, I’d say the first half of my WIP is pretty clean. It’s strange when I hear other writers talking about their first, second, tenth drafts. I don’t have a clue what stage mine is at. All I know is that I have one and a half scenes left to write, and the WIP will be complete. A thorough review, and then it’ll be off to my CPs and betas.

How many betas and CPs are normal for you writers?

Have a great day!


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