Where does the time go?

Hi! Sorry I’ve been scarce around here lately. Life has a tendency to get in the way of our best intentions. Lots has been happening in my own little corner of the writing world, and I’ll try to post more about that soon.

Tomorrow I’m going to have a special guest on the blog! Agent Jennifer Johnson-Blalock from Liza Dawson Associates will be here talking about “Six Things Agents Look for in Clients.”


I can’t wait for you guys to read her excellent advice, especially if you’re like me and getting ready to query soon. You’ll definitely want to read her thoughts on what an agent looks for when she’s reading and query and contemplating taking on a new client.

Jennifer is an amazingly talented agent, and I’m honored she agreed to write a guest post for Fueled By Coffee and Books.

Meanwhile, I’ll get back to work on my day job and try to squeeze in a few minutes of revisions on my manuscript. Soon I hope to write some posts about:

  1. The Madcap Retreat I went to in August
  2. Pitch Wars
  3. SCBWI regional conference
  4. And the beauty of having fellow writers as friends.

Stay tuned!


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